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Why I Chose Organic Farming

Updated: May 4, 2018

I thought I should share a little bit on why I chose to farm organic.

Having grown up around farming and tending to livestock since 11 yrs old, I had been getting progressively more concerned about nature's increasing resistance to chemicals. In the same way we worry about humans resistance to antibiotics, animals & plants also build up resistance to chemicals & antibiotics.

Organic farming allows nature to find its own level of resistance & immunity. We make sure the cows are kept happy and healthy using natural treatments and preventative measures.

Our cows diet is grass heavy; the herd feed on our organic pastures 9 months of the year and eat silage that we make on the farm during the winter months. They also eat a little organic cow cake to top up their nutrients. Another example is that we have Ivy growing in the cowsheds which helps prevents ringworm and use citronella to ward off flies. We are always learning more natural treatments.

The proof for me that organic works is in my happy Jersey herd where our oldest cow is 11 years old, and of course a happy herd produces higher quality milk.

Farmers have only been intensively farming for approximately 75 years, Natures way has worked for thousands of years and so natural is the way I chose. It is true that being organic means our production is lower and therefore our products are more expensive to buy, but I believe that the world is a better place for it.

Organic jersey cows out in fields

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