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Kim and Geoff Bowles

In 1982 Geoff and Kim Bowles moved to the small village of Beckington, and began farming a small herd of Friesian cows. As the price of milk continued to drop they realised something had to change or they could no longer survive as farmers so they decided to diversify. Geoff's Uncle John gave them 20 Jersey Cows and a cream separator. 30 years later Ivy House Farm is home to 120 cows, supplying customers all over the south of England. 

The entire family is involved in the process, from farming & bottling milk, to loading the lorries & taking orders. Every Bowles in the South West has done a stint bottling milk or potting up cream. Family is in the heart of our values. We thank you for supporting our family business, by doing so you are supporting the countryside, its community, the animals and their environment.

We milk our herd of Jersey Cows throughout the year. During the warmer months the cows are let out to rich green pastures and during winter they are fed home grown organic silage. We have been a fully certified organic farm for over 20 years and we couldn't be happier.


Son of Geoff and Kim, Darren, is now is charge of farm operations. After studying at Brymore Agricultural College and Lackham College where he gained a distinction in Agricultural Management, he also gained two years experience on farms in New Zealand gaining plenty of knowledge and experience. He has since made the farm his own and the animals love him. Darren also enrolled the farm into the Stewardship Scheme, meaning we are dedicated to re introducing wildlife back to the countryside, working to promote a healthier and happier environment for all animals.

Darren and Geoff getting the cows in for milking

Our Cows are milked twice a day. As soon as the milking parlour starts up, so does the creamery. As soon as the milk has left the cow it is filtered and sent over to the cream room where it is separated into Clotted, Double, Single, Whipping or Pouring Cream.


Once the separation process is complete, it is pasteurised, potted up, batched up and on the lorry within 24 hours. Any pasteurised Double Cream that has not been potted up will be taken next door where it will be churned into butter. All our butter is hand made, hand patted and hand wrapped. During the churning stages salt can be added depending on the orders for the day. Our friends at Neston Park, who also have a herd of Organic Jersey Cows, deliver warm milk each day which is blended with our own.


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