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Organic Jersey milk products

fresh from a West Country

family farm




Our Organic Products.....


Non-Homogenised organic jersey milk fresh from the heart of Somerset. We produce many different blends of milk so please contact us for more information. Our three most popular kinds of milk are:


Whole Milk

A rich and creamy milk. Containing a fat level of 4% and cream that sits on the top, this milk goes perfectly in a latte. 


Semi-Skimmed Milk

All the flavour but less of the fat, the perfect milk for a tea drinker. But at around 1.5% fat, this milk will still have a creamy layer on top.


Skimmed Milk

While rich in protein and flavour, our skimmed milk is 0% fat. A perfect way to enjoy milk while considering the waistline!



Hand patted on-site our butter comes in salted, slightly salted, clotted and unsalted varieties. Our butter has nothing added to it except some organic salt if it's called for. We even save the buttermilk which is made in the traditional way and is brilliant for baking with.


Our in house creamery make a wondrous variety of delicious creams in all shapes and sizes! We make:


Clotted Cream

Cooked traditionally, naturally golden colour and with a wholesome creamy taste - scones will never taste the same!


Double Cream

Much thicker than your standard supermarket double, this cream goes hand-in-hand with any dessert.


Single Cream

The lightest of the creams. This runny and low-fat cream will make the perfect creamy coffee.


Whipping & Pouring Cream

These two go beautifully with ice cream and will be as thick as your average supermarket Double.




Contact us

Our Address

Ivy House Farm,




BA11 6TF

General Enquiries

Tel:  01373 830 957

Office Hours

8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Monday - Friday

If you would like to place an order or discuss our products please call or email our friendly team and we will be delighted to help you find your nearest stockist or arrange a collection.

Please note we do not have a shop on-site and the farm is not open to the general public. However wholesale customers are welcome to make an appointment for collection from the dairy.


All orders need to be pre-ordered via email or phone by 10 am the previous day.

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