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Meet the Cows...

At Ivy House Farm we love each of our 120 cows dearly. Every cow has been born and raised on the farm and each live a long and happy life with us. Each of the cows will live to around 10 years of age (in contrast to intensive farming where cows will only live 4 to 5 years). We adhere to the strict organic guidelines which means no nasty hormones or antibiotics are given to our cows. We instead look for natural remedies to help the cows through any medical issues, ensuring the milk you drink is as natural and pure as possible. All the winter feed comes from the farm, meaning we have complete control over the cows diet, nutritional uptake and quality of their food.

Organic jersey cow



Number 18 is Holly, and in case you hadn't guessed from the photo she is Darren's favourite cow.


Holly is 7 years old and was born  on the farm. She gives on average 10 litres of milk a day, loves cuddles but hates the cold weather and is always stealing a digestive biscuit from Darren in the morning.

farmer Darren and Holly the jersey cow
Geri the jersey cow


This is Geri, named by Melissa who is Geoff and Kim's youngest daughter and avid Spice Girls Fan.


Geri is 8 years old and is one of our best milkers. She gives around 12 litres in the morning and around 10 in the evening. She is a big fan of cow cake and is always one of the first in the milking parlor. She loves being out in the field eating a fresh blend of grass and clover.


This beautiful lady is Gloria. She is a lovely cow who always comes up for a good fussing. She particularly likes a good scratch behind the ears.


Gloria is 4 years old  and she gives around 25 litres of milk a day. 

Ana the jersey cow


The Cow to the left is Ana. Ana is only two years old and was named by Annabel who is Geoff and Kim's eldest grandchild and a big fan of Frozen! Just like the Disney character she is very beautiful and lucky for us she will happily stop for a photo.


Ana is part of the dairy herd and gives around 12 litres per day. She has had one calf which was a female and will one day join her in the herd.


6 year old Barb is the nosiest cow in the herd. Whilst Jersey Cows are known for being friendly and inquisitive animals, she is nosier than most.

Barb is considered an average milker producing around 10 litres per day, but her milk is of the highest quality due to the fact she has the highest fat content in the herd; which is exactly what we want when turning her beautiful milk into cream and butter. She is always the last cow to be milked as she spends her time sniffing around in the collecting yard.

Barb the jersey cow
free range jersey cow herd

If you have any questions regarding our animals please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are customer of ours and would like to meet our beautiful cows, please fill out the form below.

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