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To all our wonderful customers ...

Merry Christmas!

We can't thank you enough for sticking by us. We felt we should explain why our prices have gone up recently...

Being a small family run dairy farm, the cost of living increases have hit us hard. Our creamery is on the farm so we can hand make and package all orders, meaning our production, electricity and labour costs have sky rocketed. As we are organic we try to grow and harvest all of our own feed for the cows as much as possible, but we cannot avoid buying in some feed for the cows during the winter months to help support their diet to maintain the rich jersey products we all love. Feed prices have doubled in recent months, but, luckily as we do not use fertilizers we have managed to avoid any costs there! Packaging has also increased, to the point that they differ from one week to another, we are keen to move towards more reusable packaging and encourage customers to use our churns and returnable glass bottles but unfortunately this is not always practical for all customers. Milk prices are also very unstable, we try to avoid increasing our own milk price but we do buy from another local organic jersey herd to increase our intake when necessary. Electricity, water, labour, packaging, animal care and milk prices have increased our outgoings tenfold and whilst we hate to increase prices we feel this is our only option and it is the only way we will survive. It is worrying times for all businesses and we can only hope things will settle in the new year, we can’t thank our loyal customers and suppliers enough for sticking with us, as without you Ivy House Farm could no longer continue.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Kim and Geoff Bowles x

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